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Shipping Rates - PinoyBox
PinoyBox StandardA thousand and one times tried and trusted: Our  Standard PinoyBox. It is the most favorized choice of our customers. Its interior dimensions are (LxBxH) ca 72 x 43 x 56 cm.
Shipping Rates - PinoyBox Junior
At exactly half the size of our No. 1, the PinoyBox Junior is ideally suited for a thousand an one opportunities. Favorable rates and a comfortable process provide for the ideal solution for a shipment on the fly from time to time.
Shipping Rates - Other Packaging
You want to use your own packaging for your shipment? Our pleasure, provided your shipment is sufficiently protected. After all, we want it to arrive savely at its destination.

Shipping Rates - Air Cargo
Most Airlines reject the transport of private parcels due to the strict IATA regulations. In spite of all that we are pleased to be able to offer aircargo for your Balikbayan Shipment.

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